6 Best ashwagandha Capsules in India

Ashwagandha is botanically recognised as withania somnifera, a member of the Solanaceae or Nightshade family. It is frequently called Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry or winter cherry.

The term ashwagandha recalls the fragrance of the horse, which also represents the horse-type odour of the root. This tonic and adaptogenic is found in the dry regions of India, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

It is also commonly used in medical formulations for stress, tiredness, pain, diabetes, insomnia, bronchitis, arthritis, and epilepsy. Ashwagandha herb is used in traditional Indian Ayurvedics medications.

But before jumping into the list of best ashwagandha Capsules, you must know how to evaluate the ashwagandha products.

The following are some things to look in for an ashwagandha supplement;

  • The percentage of Withanolides
  • Third-party testing
  • Manufacturing process
  • Additives, fillers and binders
  • Certification Herb formulas


We have listed the best ashwagandha supplements for you,


  • Everhale
  • Organic India
  • Himalaya India
  • Gaia Herbs
  • Nature's Velvet
  • Gem Daily


Everhale's Ashwagandha & Ginseng is a unique herbal dietary supplement that scientifically combines the advantages of two strong natural extracts. Ginseng Extract is a powerful component extracted from Genus Panax's roots, containing a range of naturally occurring glycosides (Ginsenosides), recognized for enhancing and restoring well-being.

Ashwagandha, also known as the Indian ginseng, grows largely in India and Ayurveda; it has been utilized as a tonic since ancient times. It is utilized as a stimulant for human mental growth and the treatment of certain diseases.

Organic India:

Founded in 1997, the renown of Organic India quickly expanded in several nations like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This brand is mostly renowned for its organic goods, which are non-GMO. The products provided by Organic India are highly genuine. It makes organic herbal supplements a clean, high-quality, certified organic Indian ashwagandha supplement. A generic ashwagandha root powder of 800mg comes from each capsule. Their Ashwagandha recipe does not utilize a standardized extract but utilizes a whole plant root powder.

Himalaya India:

Himalaya is one of the recognized brands for its ayurvedic supplements and goods, among the most trusted brands in India. It offers a variety of products, from personal care, child care to animal health products. The brand has its presence in 106 countries. It is a well-established, reliable brand with an extraordinarily transparent label. The ashwagandha root powder of every pill is 250mg.

Gaia Herbs:

Gaia Herbs is a prominent and renowned supplement brand. With a high level of quality control and transparency, they produce and prepare their herbs. This ashwagandha product by Gaia herbs contains just 350 mg of standardized ashwagandha root withanolide, up to 2.5%. The laboratory at Gaia Herbs remains fully legitimate – they rely on strict tests, full transparency of ingredients, and innovate with their powerful Liquid Phyto-Caps technology to make their products pure. It promotes the absorption and transport of plant extracts into our bodies, which makes this technique effective. Thus your mind and body receive the best of both worlds with this optimum delivery plus the high-quality ashwagandha root.

Nature's Velvet:

Nature's Velvet is an Indian supplementary brand that offers excellent nutrition items. The 500mg dose of organic, full-spectrum with 5% Withanolides is present in each capsule KSM-66 Ashwagandha, safe and recommended. KSM-66 Ashwagandha powder of Nature's Velvet includes only 100% ashwagandha root powder, unlike many supplements of the capsules that contain artificial bindings and fillers. KSM-66 Ashwagandha is completely safe to use but should not be used by pregnant or lactating women and those under medications.

Gem Daily:

It's a little, bite-sized cube composed of fine materials, non-synthetic fillers or dyes, which is fascinating about this Vitamin. It's food in your hand's palm. This has 13 plant-based components and more than 15 vitamins and minerals, including herb ashwagandha, chickpea, mushroom, vitamin D and iron. It can assist your mood to balance, soften your skin, and assist your body in managing stress properly. Interestingly, you may almost regard it as a little snack instead of swallowing a tablet.